AI-enabled solutions for
quality control & traceability
of green coffee for producers, traders & roasters.


The solution is created to
benefit millions of lives & coffee businesses worldwide.
The livelihoods of 125 million people depend on coffee. They produce, process, export and roast coffee. Annually, 170 million bags are produced and are priced according to their quality.
The traditional, manual green coffee grading takes around 25 minutes per sample, and accuracy barely reaches 90%. brings objectivity, speed and automation to the quality control process and traceability management. Time spent on quality assessment is reduced significantly, results of quality checks are accurate, consistent and available across the supply chain. Sample management is facilitated and end-to-end traceability is based on the captured data.

This delivers significant savings, process efficiency and creates long-awaited trust among producers, traders and roasters in global coffee supply chains.
Producers benefit especially from transparency and fairness.
Producers sell directly on the international market and move to the specialty segment, where they earn up to 10 times higher premiums and improve their livelihood.

Traders benefit from efficient sustainability programs. They help farmers to improve quality of coffee based on data and analytics, ensure premium quality over time. Traders ensure a link between producers and roasters, guarantee traceability from farm to cup and create trust along the supply chain.
Roasters benefit from a direct connection to farmers and trustworthy traceability data. They nourish their brand based on the exceptional quality and traceability. They educate coffee lovers about the importance of fair rewards, and they run effective reward programs for producers.

Start creating impact!

Equip your purchase points, Q Labs & roasteries with the solution.

Watch a short video to learn how it works.
Faster quality checks from purchase points over Q Labs to roasteries
Accurate quality checks
done according to SCA
Traceability based on quality data and automated data entry

Quality control
Faster checks
Green coffee grading with FIELD (70 gr) or LAB (350 gr) takes < 7 minutes.
Highest accuracy
Accuracy of 97% for defects according to SCA, grading (size & shape) and color.
Beyond visible
Inspection of green coffee quality in visible light, UV and NIR light.
Analytics & Traceability
Actionable insights
Statistical analysis, benchmarking and recommendations based on data from across all locations.
Process visibility
Quality data (including sample management) of the entire supply chain is available in the App.
End-to-end traceability
Reliable traceability thanks to reproducible quality checks, automated data entry and unique sample identification.


Our solution brings
unique advantages for
all players in the coffee supply chain.

✓ Improve the quality and stability of your coffee
✓ Increase your sales volume
✓ Make right purchasing decisions, avoid waste
✓ Strengthen the relationship with buyers and sellers
✓ Meet standards of specialty industry
✓ Ensure full traceability based on quality data
✓ Make your brand stand out
For producers
  • Track changes in processing of batches
  • Compare quality reports over time
  • Share results with traders and roasters
  • Benchmark against other producers
  • Receive guidelines to improve quality
  • View price estimates
For traders
  • Speed up quality checks at purchase
  • Organize logistics according to coffee quality and changing weather conditions
  • Incentivize producers for better quality
  • Manage your samples along the chain
  • Full traceability from purchase point to roaster
For roasters
  • Spend more time cupping, less grading
  • Compare pre-shipment samples with lots
  • Track aging of your coffees
  • Incentivize producers for better quality
  • Access quality and traceability data at every step of the supply chain
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