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VeroLab Device 1.0 -
The Precision Powerhouse
for Green Coffee Grading.

Discover Outstanding Accuracy.
Take your Quality Control to the next level with VeroLab 1.0!


100% accurate green coffee grading results within 4 minutes anywhere in the world.

VeroLab Device 1.0 is the first product of, that is designed to speed up green coffee grading at farms, dry mills, warehouses, and Q Labs.

It's a combination of advanced software and hardware engineering that delivers outstanding results for any type of coffee.


VeroLab 1.0 Device
  • 1. Load sample in the device
    Load the samples of up to 500 grams of green coffee into the device and start the grading.
  • 2. Let AI do the green grading
    VeroLab 1.0 scans every bean separately from both sides and analyzes them with advanced AI algorithms.
  • 3. View analytics & insights in the web app
    Results are available in a PDF report within 4 minutes on the device screen and Web App.

Worldwide coverage
We designed our devices to meet the requirements of coffee professionals in origin and destination countries.

Agrivero Quality Analysis
  • Screen Sizes
    We calculate screen sizes by analyzing the length and width of beans. We provide distribution (%) of screen sizes, estimated weight per screen, analysis of bean shapes, and homogeneity of a sample.
  • Defects
    We detect defected beans, calculate Full Bean Equivalent based on a chosen guideline (SCA, GCA, origin guidelines). We provide distribution (%) of defects and estimated weight per defect type.
  • Colors
    We calculate the average color per sample based on the average color per bean (RGB - red, green, blue) and analyze the intensity and homogeneity of color in a sample.
  • Density
    We calculate density based on the weight of a sample and the total pixels from all beans in a sample.
  • Yield factor
    We calculate yield factor based on the number of detected defects and their estimated weight.
  • Moisture content (Available in Q3 2024)
    We are planning to implement moisture content measurement in VeroLab 2.0. Stay tuned!

VeroLab 1.0 Report

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